Oct. 4th, 2009

whatwolverines: (Freakin' game went 'til midnight. e_e)
[So Griffin isn't feeling too good at the moment. No, it's not the economy (he's already got asthma from that) and it's not anything too big in politics. Nope, just back at home, the weather is crap. His people aren't fond of the rain and generally get very tired and a bit anti-social on days like this, so he's feeling about the same. If you go into his room, you'll see him on the couch, wearing blue plaid flannel pajama pants and a U of M hoodie while wearing a scarf and a blanket, all while watching old movies. All he's missing is Ben and Jerry's ice cream and a tissue box. However, he does have a bowl of Lucky Charms, if that counts.

So feel free to bother him, lay around and be lazy with him, or whatever. It's all good.]

[ooc: Fer srs, the weather has been pretty shoddy here, and the Michigan population does kind of get lazy and listless on days like today. Even I'm all curled up on my bed with the heater going. So yeah, bother him. He needs it.]


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