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[Post-Superbowl might be a lull in sports for some. Most sports don't restart until it warms up. However, post-Superbowl time begins what Griffin considers to be the most crucial time in the great wide world of sports. The hockey season begins to fall into the greatest time of all: the Playoffs. Now, the Playoffs don't start until April, but that doesn't mean it's too early to get excited. Not to mention, for a state team who has a wonderful habit of winning the Stanley Cup, it is never too early to get excited.

To express said excitement, Griffin has found a frozen-over pond, to which he has transformed into a small makeshift rink. Clad in his favorite jersey and his helmet, he skates around in a warm-up. If anything, at least people can't make fun of him for not being athletic for the next few months.
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[Oh yeah. You see that right. Most of the state is completely snowed in (and not so long after this picture was taken off the radar, the remaining counties got it too). It's just been one of those moments where it's snowed on and off in little pockets of frigid weather, until the gods of all things meteorological decided that the Great Mitten needed something extra.

Is Griff complaining? Not a bit. In fact, if anything, today should be a holiday! Next to the glorious blizzard--and drumroll please--


Indeed, yet again, you are seeing that correctly. No, no one here is ridden with the flu (well, maybe you are), or on any hallucinogens (excluding some). The Detroit Lose-All-the-Time Lions beat the Dream Team Green Bay Packers and all on the first huge snowfall of the season.

Naturally, like he should, Griffin celebrates with drinking beer en masse, wearing a Lions shirt for the first time in what feels like centuries. Detroit was already a shrieking, near-sobbing mess when the news was announced (Griff doesn't watch the Lions anymore, but he might have to now) and then hugged his dad, also for the first time in proverbial centuries. Even though he doesn't look more than seventeen or so, Detroit's drinking as well, and laughing, and generally being good-natured about something that slowly drained his vitality even more than the economy has.

Feel free to join the Michiganders in their snow-and-football celebration! They're a fun group when they're not miserable about sports!
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Oh my... There is no way... Oh my god!

[If you walk anywhere near Griffin's room, you're going to hear one very loud, excited, and all around psychotic-sounding statement.]


[You better believe he's happy. The Lions gently beat DESTROYED the Redskins in an amazing NINETEEN POINTS to fourteen. It's been 21 months since the last time they won a game!]

Oh man, maybe Tony isn't such a bad kid after all! And maybe this is only the beginning! Maybe they'll get to the Super Bowl!

[He's got hiiiiigh hopes, dumdumdum!]


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