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[There's a whole lot of sniffing and snorting coming from Lower Michigan's room, all followed by blowing his nose with a sound resembling a goose call. Despite the warm weather and getting to abandon his wide myriad of hoodies, Griffin's in a state of allergy-induced misery. There's flowers blooming somewhere (or some jerk put pollen in the vents) and he's noticed since some unholy hour this morning.

As if his voice wasn't nasally enough as it was, now he sounds worse. He's sniffing a lot and making weird 'guuuhhh' noises after he sniffs. There's not enough Claritin and Zyrtec in the world to save him from drowning in his own mucus. He swears when he gets home, he's going to command the end of the Tulip Festival or declare a war on daffodils.

So you can go make fun of him for being an allergic mess. His retort might be something like: "Hguuuhhh, your mom is an allergic m-meee--- [insert loudest sneeze ever here]" and that's about it.
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[Oh yes it's Griffin's birthday! He's already got a full cupcake tray that's half gone and a full pail of Mackinac Island Fudge ice cream (the gift of the gods!), all finished up by a two liter bottle of Vernor's that he's been getting at all day. He got a few presents from his kids, being a brand new University of Michigan hoodie from Mackinac Island ("Ugh, dad, you needed a new one so bad!") and a new White Stripes CD from Detroit. Nevermind the Arctic temperatures back at home, because he's having an awesome day.

So go ahead and chat with him, or celebrate, or what ever it is you do with Michiganders. :D

[ooc: It's also Bucharest's birthday today. Whodathunkit? But I'm messing with him over at my musebox with that to save your flists from DJ-mun contamination. xD]
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[Griffin is used to having his place in the news, but usually it's for being used as an economic example. Once again, he's being made into an example, but not in the usual way. In fact, this time, it goes beyond the economy and into something much more sinister. This happened just yesterday and has escalated today once charges were pressed. The man is being treated in the University of Michigan hospital, even.

Griffin is beside himself, seeing as how a good portion of Christmas was ruined for him by this. He's not exactly a wreck, or feeling sick, but he's shaky and really unsure of what's going to happen next. After all, he has the largest Arabic population in the US just north of the airport and things are bound to get fired up around there.

Thus, he's in his room, pacing nervously and awaiting any news from the hospital or news stations or anything.

[ooc: Yeah, this went down yesterday and it's like a storm over here. I live about fifteen minutes away from the airport and this all happened not even two hours after I picked my brother up from there. Plus, the guy is hospitalized where my mom works. Needless to say, the state is just like, "Whatthehelljusthappened? :|" about this whole thing.]
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[So Griffin isn't feeling too good at the moment. No, it's not the economy (he's already got asthma from that) and it's not anything too big in politics. Nope, just back at home, the weather is crap. His people aren't fond of the rain and generally get very tired and a bit anti-social on days like this, so he's feeling about the same. If you go into his room, you'll see him on the couch, wearing blue plaid flannel pajama pants and a U of M hoodie while wearing a scarf and a blanket, all while watching old movies. All he's missing is Ben and Jerry's ice cream and a tissue box. However, he does have a bowl of Lucky Charms, if that counts.

So feel free to bother him, lay around and be lazy with him, or whatever. It's all good.]

[ooc: Fer srs, the weather has been pretty shoddy here, and the Michigan population does kind of get lazy and listless on days like today. Even I'm all curled up on my bed with the heater going. So yeah, bother him. He needs it.]

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Oh my... There is no way... Oh my god!

[If you walk anywhere near Griffin's room, you're going to hear one very loud, excited, and all around psychotic-sounding statement.]


[You better believe he's happy. The Lions gently beat DESTROYED the Redskins in an amazing NINETEEN POINTS to fourteen. It's been 21 months since the last time they won a game!]

Oh man, maybe Tony isn't such a bad kid after all! And maybe this is only the beginning! Maybe they'll get to the Super Bowl!

[He's got hiiiiigh hopes, dumdumdum!]


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