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[January 26th is a day Griffin always thinks of as his 'birthday', though he's been around longer than that, by far. In fact, it doesn't take much for him to remember being very young and staring in wonder at French ships coming into the Lakes for the first time. Yet, that extremely frigid day in January has always stuck out, moreso that any memory prior. Even his territory date never compared to the day where he was the official 26th state. That's how he always remembered: "26th on the 26th".

Yet, it wasn't exactly such a festive day, for two very important reasons.

1. It was Arctic cold that day. In fact, the day his Constitution was signed as known as the 'Frostbitten Convention'.

2. He had just been pretty much humiliated by Ohio in all forms, including legally.

if you seek a pleasant peninsula, look around you )
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[Oh yes it's Griffin's birthday! He's already got a full cupcake tray that's half gone and a full pail of Mackinac Island Fudge ice cream (the gift of the gods!), all finished up by a two liter bottle of Vernor's that he's been getting at all day. He got a few presents from his kids, being a brand new University of Michigan hoodie from Mackinac Island ("Ugh, dad, you needed a new one so bad!") and a new White Stripes CD from Detroit. Nevermind the Arctic temperatures back at home, because he's having an awesome day.

So go ahead and chat with him, or celebrate, or what ever it is you do with Michiganders. :D

[ooc: It's also Bucharest's birthday today. Whodathunkit? But I'm messing with him over at my musebox with that to save your flists from DJ-mun contamination. xD]


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