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The State of Michigan was granted statehood on January 26th, 1837, as the 26th state of the Union. Its capital is Lansing.
Its name comes from the Algonquian word 'michigama', or 'big lake'.
The motto is: "Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam circumspice." ("If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look around you.")

Name: Griffin Anthony Schneider
Nicknames: Griff, LP, Troll
Birthday: January 26th
Age: 25 ; 173
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 230 lbs.
Hair: Dark brown, long, spiky, always in a ponytail
Eyes: Blue-green
Nationalities: German, French, Irish, English, Polish, Welsh, Finnish

Griffin is a man of a lot of contrasts. He's loud, brash, and often obnoxious, and common sense
doesn't always reign supreme in his head. In fact, he jumps into whatever he thinks is the most
fun at the time, not once thinking about consequences. However, even when the consequences do
come, he remains almost eternally optimistic, often to a fault. He's also notably hyperactive, and
could be compared to a child running with scissors headlong into traffic. However, he also seems
to always come out on top in the end, even at his worst.

Despite being rather hefty, he's very athletic and enjoys outdoor recreation. He's been called the
'Water-Winter Wonderland', for his summer and winter activities, such as boating, swimming,
snowmobiling, fishing, skating, ATVing, skiing, and his favorite, hockey. Yet despite the numerous
opportunities he has to be outside and about, he usually stays indoors throughout the year. This
isn't because he's lazy by nature (except he kind of is sometimes), but that he's so used to all he has
that it doesn't occur to him to get out much. After all, some of the best sports are played on TV,
like hockey, basketball, baseball, and only university-level football. He doesn't like his official team,
nor acknowledge their existence. The Wolverines are good enough for him.

For the most part, he's a nice guy and is actually pretty generous. He likes cheering people up best
he can (which doesn't always work) and figures a good portion of problems are solved between
dinner and at least two beers. He's incredibly chatty and is at no loss for things to talk about, often
at the annoyance of others. Not to mention, he speaks very quickly and in an accent that slurs
words together and muddles them. He never notices this, as he has always thought he speaks the
clearest out of all the states. In fact, once he gets going, it's almost difficult to understand him.

Fun facts!

-Griffin is incredibly good at magic tricks. He's the Magic Capital of the World, and one of his cities
even has the biggest yearly magic festival.

-His first name comes from the ship 'Le Griffon', which was the first ship to circumnavigate the
Great Lakes. France probably called him this, and then England anglicized it for convenience.

-He considers Germany to be his real dad, since the state itself is so highly German-influenced, and
most people hail German ancestry. However, he seems to take more after 'Uncle' Prussia than

-Serious addiction to breakfast foods. Battle Creek, Michigan, was the originator of all that we know
as breakfast cereal, notably General Mills and Kellogg's. Never will you see a man geek out so much
over Fruity Pebbles and Shredded Wheat.

-He's got a degree in medicine, and is obsessed with history. The University of Michigan has been
at the forefront of medical technology for a long while, and Greenfield Village/Henry Ford Museum
is one of the biggest collectors of modern American artifacts. He loves both, and is actually quite
intelligent because of them.

-Has a longstanding rivalry with Ohio that goes back centuries. It started with a "war" over a tiny
piece of land called the Toledo Strip that both states wanted. Michigan lost, and because it was a
sore loser, the U.S. government gave it the piece of land now known as the Upper Peninsula,
giving Michigan its weird set-up. Ever since then, the states have bickered and teased relentlessly,
though now it's more over football rivalries than territory disputes.

-Recent economic times have left him a little worse for the wear, and he often looks a little sick
or disgruntled for no reason. He'll have moodswings in which he won't leave his room for days
or take care of himself. However, he jumps right back into action without a thought. It's just the
weird way he operates.


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