Jul. 17th, 2010

whatwolverines: (BEST DAY EVER! <)8D)
[Michiganders take their vacations very seriously. The second summer comes around, the lakes become like the Great Magnets and everyone miraculously gets a sunburn by the end of July. It's just how things seem to work in the natural order.

However, there are no Great Lakes/Magnets for Griffin at the moment, so he's just had to hover to the lake, as though that will somehow solve all problems. Of course, it's water, so one problem got solved. However, it just didn't feel quite like vacation yet. That is, until there was beer! Yes, when in doubt, bring out mass quantities of beer! And so after finding a rogue picnic table, he's covered it in beer bottles and any random assortment of food (which, being a bit absent-minded, led the variety to be from whitefish to cereal).

He's only slightly tipsy yet, dangling off the edge of the dock like he's going to kiss the water or something, which may not be far from the truth. It's just his 'vacation while not on vacation' sort of day. Join him if you'd like!


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